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Welcome to version 4.1 of Smiley Ben's Homepage - my little area of the web. Here you'll find information about Smiley Ben himself, his friends, thoughts and passions, and see some of the images that that sometimes fill his visual field.

New in 4.1 is my European photo album, in the images-albums section of the site (sorry that this took an immense 11.5 months to scan, splice and put up) - take a look. I've also had a bit of a fiddle with the templates for the site, and it is now fully standards compliant html 4.01 transitional, which is nice.

New in 4.0 was a completely new, CSS-based, standards-compliant layout, which will look very similar to what you'll be used to if you've been here before if you're using a standards-compliant browser, with a few lovely little extras. The new system should result in faster downloads, quicker navigation, and (hopefully) make it easier for me to update, giving me no excuse to take so long adding new stuff.

As you may notice if you look around, I haven't yet got everything I want into the site, and there are a few Watch-This-Space's dotted around the place. If all goes to plan, these bits should be up quite soon, but with finals looming, that may be a couple of months.

If you're seeing this message, you're looking at a page served by my new mega-fast, whizz-bang, does-the-dishes-and-looks-great-too enhanced server. Of course, as I upload this, it's simply refusing to serve my webpage, and all the hits are going to the old free server instead. Which is kinda upsetting!

All that remains to be said is that I hope you enjoy learning a little bit about me and the world I inhabit: have fun!

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